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Aspen Technology Partners

Who We Are

We have more than 20 years of experience providing advanced solutions from the field of process system engineering through the development of mathematical models for process simulation, optimization and control.

The scope of our services is within the framework of mass and energy balances, data reconciliation, parameter estimation, statistical control, production programming, operational, tactical and strategic planning.

Since 2023, we have an office in Miami and we are members of the Aspen Technology Partner Network.

Our vision

Our vision is to grow with the industry by providing decision-making tools to optimize processes in order to maintain productivity standards..

Our mission

Our mission is to provide technological answers from the field of process system engineering to maximize profitability in industrial plants..

Our team

Senior Team

Martin Rossi

RTO specialist. Master in Chemical Engineering.

Alberto Bandoni

Emeritus Professor. Senior Researcher of CONICET. PhD Chemical Engineering.

Luciano Samitier

Technical Leader. IT specialist. Chemical Engineer.

Carlos Raspanti

APC specialist. PhD in Chemical Engineering

Milo Meixell

Technology Advisor. Chemical Engineer

Junior Team

Segundo Faraoni

Chemical Engineer.

Agustina Cano

Chemical Engineer.

Cristian Rodríguez

Chemical Engineer. IT Fellow.

Josefina Insausti

Chemical Engineer.

Máximo Christiani

Chemical Engineer.

Tamara Lobianco

Chemical Engineer.

Our customers

Petrochemicals and Refinery

Renewable Energy and Biogas

Our tools

AspenTech's Products

Aspen Plus
Aspen Online
Aspen PIMS
Aspen Hysys
Aspen Process Explorer
Aspen DMC Plus & DMC3
Aspen InfoPlus & CIM-IO
Aspen Custom Modeler


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